Pacification Point - Chapter 1 - Taming the Beast
Title: Pascification Point - Taming the Beast
Characters: Drift, Perceptor, more to come
Description: The war is over, with the neutrals siding with Shockwave and the Decepticons to take back and rebuild Cybertron, but what does that mean for the autobots?
Warnings: Sexual Tension, Intercrural Sex, Mildly Dubious Consent, Sticky robohumps

Idea I had while making up a speed-paint doodle one day. Fandom has been throwing around the idea that Drift's helm bits might feel good to him when touched for a while, and I've seen fics/art on it. And I thought, well, what if that originated in Crystal city? What if they put in a way to make him settle down without being physically dominated with violence, something they probably thought was more humane?

Now what if they never wound up having to use it, and Drift had no idea it was there?

This is just going to be a little fun thing I write for when I feel like it, but it won't be many chapters, in any case.

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Here we go, at long last, a month or more later, I am posting commission info. I take paypal, and all prices are in Canadian dollars.

Please note- your commission does not have to be transformer related, and OCs are fine too. I can draw a variety of things. Some things may require reference. Adult content is fine, but on my discretion. Half payment needed for sketch, with the rest upon completion. If you'd rather pay me all at once before completion, that is fine too. Any interested parties please note me, and we can discus it further, or if you would like something that is not listed here.

(This note will be removed after the holidays- I am in the process of making Christmas presents, so I may not be able to start these until after boxing day.)

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Happy Hallowe'en!
I said it on tumblr too, but I hope that everyone in line with Sandy is ok. If it has affected you, I hope it was not too badly.

Been putting these up on tumblr, and now I shall share them here too. I'm still working on Chapter 2 of War's Over, I just had to stop this month due to overwhelming business. :p Should be back on track soon, but in the mean time, pics and mini fics! The 13 Bots of Hallowe'en!

And a little post trick-or-treat challenge at the bottom. :)

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War's Over - Chapter 01
Title: War's Over
Characters: Hot Rod, Arcee, Springer, Kup, Sunstreaker, Sideswipe, misc. nameless others. More to come.
Description: The war is over, with the neutrals siding with Shockwave and the Decepticons to take back and rebuild Cybertron, but what does that mean for the autobots?

Notes: I wanted to write something like this for a while- lots of talented people have explored what would happen if the cons won, but you don't see much of 'well, what if the neutrals got sick of not being able to live on their own damn planet, and took it back?' Because really, what then? I wanted a dystopia that wasn't. The Autobots have not won, but while the end of war can often be a very, very bad thing for the losting party, I wanted to try a version where very bad didn't mean living hell, and where forced servitude and loss of freedom and self regulation didn't mean constant abuse. I've written bits of this before, and this will not likely ever be a whole story, or one that ends. It's just something I want to play with, as I am making an effort to write more fic.

Something else I wanted to explore is a thing I've seen mentioned in IDWs comic verse and other areas- being built for a specific task, and the life expectations that go along with it. How does your form affect your behaviour, your coding? How does it place you in society? How much of you is what you were made to be, and how much of it is your own choice?

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy it! I'll hopefully be updating more frequently with parts of this and other things I've had floating around. :)

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I have been rather neglectful of LJ lately, and of LJ friends, which I am sorry for. I'm so behind I'm at the point where I see all the things I need to read, catch up on, and how many people I need to catch up with, I start to procrastinate again. But I'm working at it. It just fell out of my routine, and I need to get it in there again until I'm caught up and it is no longer overwhelming.

On the upside- life is alright right now. I'm being productive, both in fandom, and outside it. Fandom wise, I am starting to do 'speed paintings', where I just go fast to get things done, and am actually getting done projects started months to a year ago, as well as actually doing things the night or week I think of them. Also fun- I am writing again! Currently working away at the War's over one, where TC more or less owns/has custody of Hot Rod. Slowwwwly, but I'm pecking at it!

Anyway, a lot of those speed paintings I have been doing are on tumblr, but I am going to share them here too, since I know a lot of you like this stuff as well. Head's up, like the title says, most of this post is Not Work Safe, so proceed with caution, depending where you are.

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Fic: Lessons
Title: Lessons
Characters: Megatron, Starscream, Motormaster
Description: non-con, but no sex, sticky or otherwise. Humiliation, mind games. From the kink meme, prompt here: here. Megatron finds a new way to punish Starscream.

Sorry to the anon requestor, I did not have the mood or mind to write this for a very long time, for which I apologize. But it's done now, and I hope it met your expectations.

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For Evvj and Justbolts
Late for both these birthdays, so I decided to combine them. Was just going to be a picture first, since Justbolts is writing about Bluestreak, and Evvj, Prowl, and then Smokescreen wound up there too, to make it a trio, and because he's cool and deserves more attention.

And then I felt like it needed a story, so, here we go.

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Drift's new body
I've been very busy of late and having 'issues', mostly related to previous problems, and I'll update about that properly when all is said and done (should be in about a week, yaaaaaay!)

In the mean time, I have been neglecting LJ, so shame on me! IDW's More than Meets the Eye gave Driftaboo a new makeover, which would be his fourth or so in not that long a span. I imagine that's a lot to get used to, and to do it repeatedly would be a bit much, or interesting, depending on the person. So I wanted to draw himself exploring that. And then Perceptor happened.

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He came to town
Just finished this. More than Meets the Eye issue 03 demanded I do this. Demanded. Oh lawd, I am loving that series.


Whirl, no. No Whirl
If you've been keeping up with the current ongoing, there's a character that has quietly popped up before named Rung. He is a psychiatrist, and a complete sweetie, rather displayed but tagging along anyway on Rodimus's adventures to find the Knights of Cybertron. Apparently someone RPing him on tumblr challenged anyone (IC) to find porn of him, because he was sure they wouldn't find it. Someone posted that on 4chan. I think I may have possibly made the first Rung 34. I am both proud and guilty. Poor Rung, poor sweet baby.

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